Do this 1 thing to lose weight (with minimal effort)

To get me through this summer I’ve been working a large café in the uber-sophisticated beach-side village of Sorrento, about 100 minutes out of Melbourne.

Interestingly enough, I’ve found that people are starting to request almond milk.

I’ve drunk it and like it. I also found that I like rice milk for it’s light texture and sweet taste. Both almond and rice milk do not dilute coffee in the same way cow’s or soy milk does, so I find that I need to drink less coffee during the day.

That’s a win because I’m sleeping better. Which means that I’m (much) more productive and a whole lot nicer to be around 😀 

But there is one milk I can’t find served anywhere, and that is macadamia.

I’m obsessed; I’ve been consuming it for 3 months at home and I love its creamy, nutty taste. In the same amount of time I’ve also dropped a large amount of fat from my stomach and hips.


To satiate my curiosity, I did a little research and found 2 reasons why you should be drinking it too.

  1. It’s inexpensive and easy to find.

You could nick down to the local health food store, but they’ll always charge a premium price. Although I’m turning off the major supermarket chains, they do stock some many independent health brands and I like to support them. I drink Australia’s Own Organic.

  1. Less calories than skinny milk

You probably know that it’s bullshit that humans need (cow’s) milk.In fact, some studies have shown that it can deplete bone density, not increase it. Indeed, cow’s milk was designed  for, well, cows. Did you know that by the time calves are weaned, they typically weigh 8 TIMES their original birth weight? And after weaning, cows never drink milk again.


Despite this, we are still hung over from the milk propaganda of the 80s; the average Australian adult drinks in the vicinity of 68 kilos a year. No that is not a typo. This is due in large part to us consuming twice as much coffee as we did in 2004.

Because we are all SO busy we MUST need something to keep us awake.

Now Macadamia milk contains just 302 Kj per 250 ml in comparison to full cream milk (670Kj), skinny milk (378 Kj) and soy (564 Kj).

If you drank 2 macadamia milk lattes a day for a year, compared to the same in full cream milk you would save almost 270,000 calories in a YEAR. To burn this off you’d need to run for 402 hours over the course of a year, at a rate of 10 km an hour.

I’ve got your attention, don’t I?

Given that we are so time poor, I’d say most of us don’t have time for a 1.01 hour run every single day of the year. 70% of us too, are clinically overweight or obese.

So replacing cow’s milk with macadamia milk (or another nut derivative) may be smart way to shed some of those pesky kilos with minimal effort.

Until next time, believe in wellness and believe in you.


Vanessa X

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2 thoughts on “Do this 1 thing to lose weight (with minimal effort)

  1. hazel says:

    Macadamia milk? I don’t know why it I’m suprised that it’s a thing, helloooo – I order lattes with almond milk. I’m gonna check the cafes here in San Francisco and see if anyone has it as part of their menu. Thanks!


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