Why your life CAN be what YOU want it to be #15dbc

Today’s post is a little different. As I’ve commented previously, I’m undertaking Natalie Sisson’s 15 Days to Freedom Blog Challenge.

I set up Cookies & Clean (ironically) because I was lacking physical and emotional energy to keep on going with my two existing businesses, Murmuration (content marketing) and The HR Talent Community (networking and events). Cookies & Clean, as much as I’d like to develop it, is a platform of self-expression where I can share my passion for fitness, health and well-being. And indulge my writing in completely unrelated areas of interest.

After all, health, fitness and wellness is SOOOOO much more interesting than HR Cloud Technology (say what?!) 😀

But over the last week something curious has happened.

I’m finding new energy for my existing projects that had, quite frankly, sucked the life out of me last year.

This past month I’ve done a HUGE amount of research and investigation in to marketing and sales techniques to scale my businesses.

Today, Natalie’s challenge is to “consider what online business model would support you to live the life you choose?

Yes that’s right, it’s possible to CHOOSE.

Now as much as I envy Natalie’s extensive international travel, it’s not something I’m seeking at this time. I’ve spent long periods overseas, and I’ve backpacked solo across Europe. Whilst travel is freeing, exciting and liberating, I’ve also found it lonely and extremely stressful. Plus, I have someone else to consider: Mr Cookies & Clean. He has a very successful bricks and mortar business, so we cannot travel (extensively) without careful planning and timing. Having said this, we DO have a 6 month honeymoon booked in 2016 —> 4WD across Australia :):):):):):):)

To answer Natalie’s question, I seek an online business model(s) that will allow Mr Cookies & Clean to pull back in his business so together, we CAN do more of the things we LOVE.

Mostly this is getting out in to the great Australian outdoors, camping, bush walking, rock climbing, canoeing….and spending time with Miss Cookies & Clean (our black Kelpie, Kira). Mr C&C also has a pipe dream of breeding champion Blue Heelers, I would love to support him to achieve this.

Essentially the Day 6 video has confirmed for me, what I must do. Natalie’s advice has greatly assisted me…….I encourage you to check her out!

Until next time, love your life and most of all LOVE YOURSELF

Vanessa XO

Image credit: http://www.theprospect.net

* Just in case you were wondering, I am not an affiliate partner of Natalie Sisson’s. If ever, and whenever I gain financially from promoting a product or service via Cookies & Clean, I would always be TRANSPARENT about it. And, as through my other businesses, I only promote or support products and services I have TRIED, LIKE and BELIEVE IN. 


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